Renee C. Scheidt: Joe’s getting the job done

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, July 2, 2024

By Renee C. Scheidt

“I know how to do this job. I know how to get things done,” Biden shouted in Raleigh on Friday following Thursday’s disastrous debate. Really? He might be getting the job done, but it’s not for our citizens. The facts prove life is harder because his left-wing policies put Americans’ welfare last. Louisiana Senator John Kennedy nailed it when he said, “His inflation is a cancer on the American dream.”

According to Checkerboard:

• Inflation spiked to the highest level in over 40 years. (Biden says inflation was 9.1 percent when he entered office. Forbes magazine states it was 1.4 percent).

• Consumer prices are up nearly 18 percent under Biden. Have your wages increased that much?

• Gasoline is up 29 percent. But you can always drive a glorified golf cart!

• Publicly held debt has increased by about 24.7 percent. Billions of dollars are being thrown into Green-New Deal projects to save the planet from climate change. Currently, we’re so deep in the hole that the debt grows by $1 trillion every 100 days. But don’t be alarmed, it’s fine with Joe for us to owe our lives to the Chinese!

• Home prices are up 31.4 percent; Will our children ever be able to afford their own homes?

• The trade deficit for goods and services is up 20.9 percent.

• With a record like this, Joe doesn’t have a leg to stand on, except trying to scare people into believing Trump will destroy democracy.

However, if he considers his job is to flood our country with unvetted, illegal aliens from all over the world, and give them citizenship to vote for Democrats, then, yes, he’s done an excellent job. To think no terrorists have entered with plans to attack us on our own soil is foolish.

If he thinks suddenly pulling the military out of Afghanistan, leaving the Taliban with millions of dollars in equipment and the strategic Bagram Airfield as Americans are stranded to fend for themselves, is doing His job, he succeeded.

If he thinks shutting down the Keystone pipeline on day one in office, putting 11,000 Americans out of good-paying jobs, and adding numerous regulations to the oil and gas industry is how to do his job, he’s done it.

If putting biological boys on women’s sports teams because a boy mentally thinks he’s a she, biology be damned, then he’s doing a good job.

If weaponizing the DOJ to go after his political enemies such as Catholics, moms at school board meetings and political opponents, is doing his job. He gets an A+.

If he thinks allowing children, whose brains haven’t completely formed, to make irreversible decisions regarding mutilating their bodies, is getting things done, he’s achieved his goal.

If he thinks giving billions to the corrupt government of Ukraine, which the CIA helped set up in its 2014 coup, then threatening to withhold a billion U.S. dollars if President Poroshenko didn’t fire prosecutor Shokinf, is knowing how to do his job, then he’s a master. “‘If he’s not fired, you’re not getting the money.’ Well, son of a bitch, he got fired.” 

Joe’s been a great figurehead for the left-wing progressives pulling his strings behind the curtain. He’s accomplished much of their radical agenda. Because the press has covered up for his many blunders, they’ve been able to stay in the shadows. After Thursday’s debacle, however, the gig is up. The whole world saw Joe’s ineptness. His debate performance may be exactly what the Democratic leadership wanted. They can now make Joe an offer too good to refuse if he bows out of the race and replace him with their star candidate. Perhaps Michelle will force herself to step up to the plate to save democracy. What could be better than a fourth Obama term? Instead of calling the shots from their home down the block, they can return to the White House to continue their global agenda. Job well done, Joe.

Renee C. Scheidt lives in Salisbury.