Power Curbers introduces climate-controlled curb and gutter machine

Published 12:00 am Sunday, June 30, 2024

SALISBURY — Power Curbers has announced the launch of the industry’s first climate-controlled cabin as an option for the Power Curber 5700-D. The new feature includes a fully enclosed operator’s platform with powerful air conditioning and heating systems to reduce fatigue during extreme temperatures.

Additionally, the cabin incorporates a unique glass floor insert, positioned to offer direct visibility of both the mold and the finished concrete. That allows operators to make adjustments as needed, improving precision during a pour. The cabin also includes two exterior doors, allowing for access to both the front and rear of the machine.

Operators will likely also appreciate the sound barrier provided by the new enclosure. It reduces the machine’s engine noise, creating a quieter work environment. Additionally, it shields the control panel from direct sunlight, maintaining a cooler temperature for switches and reducing glare on the display.

The Power Curber 5700-D is the latest generation of the world’s No. 1 selling slipform machine that pours curb and gutter, sidewalk, barrier, ditches, paving, tunnels, agricultural and specialized applications. It features a compact size, simple design, easy operation and high productivity.

For more information on the climate-controlled Power Curber 5700-D, call 704-636-5871.

The climate-controlled cabin requires a 24-inch maximum trailer height.