Livingstone professor slated to be Ashanti chief of Charlotte

Published 12:00 am Sunday, June 30, 2024

Livingstone College professor Felix Adusei-Danso, who serves as chair for the department of biology, will be inaugurated as the new Ashanti chief of Charlotte on July 6.

The three-hour ceremony will showcase Ashanti culture, tradition, music, dancing, and leaders pledging an oath of allegiance to the Ashanti people. All are invited to attend.

A native of the Ashanti region of Ghana, Adusei-Danso was appointed as the Chief of Asanteman Association of the Carolinas, whereas in this capacity, he represents the current King, Nana Otumfuo Osei Tutu II, in all matters relating to Ashanti culture and traditions in North Carolina. Moreover, this position grants Adusei-Danso the title of “Nana,” as he acts for the Ashanti as one of 16 chiefs in the United States and Canada.

In efforts to preserve the Ashanti culture and tradition of Ashanti people who emigrate to various places throughout the world, natives have formed regional associations of the Ashantis. These associations have the chieftaincy establishment, consisting of the chief (king), queen, sub-chiefs and sub-queens; just as it is practiced in the Ashanti Kingdom in Ghana.

As a result, North Carolina has one of the associations, called “Asanteman Association of the Carolinas” of which Adusei-Danso is a member. The main aim of the association is to project the Ashanti culture and traditions in the U.S., and to teach Ashanti children (born in America) the norms, traditions and culture of the Ashanti Kingdom so they can appreciate their roots and maintain their customs and traditions.

“This is a very prestigious, respected position with a great deal of responsibility,” Adusei-Danso said. “I am honored, humbled and ready.”

On July 6 at 6 p.m., the Enstoolment Ceremony will commence at the Ultimate Sports and Wellness Complex in Charlotte at 500 West 32nd Street. The celebratory event is free and open to the public. Black attire is requested.