My Turn: Steven Arey: A response to Tillis on foreign wars

Published 12:00 am Thursday, June 13, 2024

By Steven Arey

“As Americans, we must never forget the role we play when it comes to establishing and maintaining world order. NATO has remained united throughout these dangerous times because Americans have been engaged. That truth harkens back to World War II, when America answered the call to join the war and fight for democracy. Since Putin’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, America has answered again — not by sending our men and women to fight on European soil, but by sending weapons, resources, equipment and training to Ukraine and our allies to ensure they can claim victory.

The truth is: If Putin is successful in Ukraine, China, Iran or North Korea will not hesitate to follow his example of invading and conquering sovereign nations. It’s why we, senators from different parties, speak with one voice over and over again to urge our colleagues to support Ukraine and our allies. World War II taught us that what starts in a foreign land does not stay isolated. The ripple effects are felt across oceans and nations — even more so now in our globally connected world.

This weekend, a bipartisan U.S. congressional delegation will travel to Normandy to commemorate the 80th anniversary of D-Day. We cannot take for granted the freedoms that more than 400,000 American soldiers and countless others died to defend during World War II.

Thom Tillis, U.S. Senator 06/09/2024”

Dear Senator Tillis, the American people need an “out.”

We can not continue to support every country being invaded by some “rogue nation” or group of mercenaries anywhere on earth with our hard-earned tax dollars being used to buy more weapons and ammunition for war, where the NRA is the only organization benefiting from it.

The solution for this must be permanent and lasting, not temporary, not continued to be debated forever in Congress. The earned income tax must be incrementally replaced with a national consumption tax. Presently, the federal government collects 18.5 cents on every gallon of gasoline purchased in the U.S. After the National Consumption Tax or “crowdsourcing” tax is in place, simply ask the Ukrainian people to vote on becoming the 51st state of the U.S. 

If they vote “yes,” then the U.S. can place military bases all over that country, draw the border lines for Mr. Putin and say “make my day.” If they vote no, then we don’t have to do anything at all.

If the U.S. would ask Mexico to vote on becoming the 51st state and they replied yes, the 1,200-mile border now would move immediately to Panama where it is only 50 miles wide. All of the resources being spent presently on a 1,200-mile border could be concentrated in a small area and prevent future problems. Texas could then spend their $10 billion on their own “border wall” and not be controlled by the federal government. 

All of the Mexicans in the U.S. would go home if that is the reason for the wall and National Consumption Tax would begin to be collected from everyone in Mexico. As soon as an immigrant steps foot onto U.S. soil, they begin paying the same taxes as everyone else does. Immigrants should be welcomed into the U.S. to grow food for the world and send food when other countries are in need, not weapons and ammunition for war. The political party that implements this “fix” will be in power for a long time.

— Steven Arey