Dear Neighbor: Pam Bloom: The truth shall make you free

Published 12:00 am Thursday, June 13, 2024

By Pam Bloom

Dear Neighbor,

In case you missed the AP headline published by the Salisbury Post at 12:10 a.m., 5/31/24, and featured only on the online edition, Trump’s conviction WAS covered locally: “Guilty: Trump becomes first former US president convicted of felony crimes.” I had to search the online editions as I normally read the hard copy of the Post that is regularly delivered to my mailbox. I was appalled at the lack of coverage of this historic event. If the news never makes the printed edition of the paper is it still news? Am I just a senior with unrealistic expectations or do I simply believe in the engraved phrase on the Salisbury Post building, “THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE” and the power of a free press and informed voters?

As a voter who is concerned about the future of our “Republic if we can keep it,” and as a citizen of this place I love, America, I think such earth-shaking news deserves additional public comment from locals and commentary from state and national opinion writers who adhere to journalistic integrity practices, both conservative and liberal. To my great disappointment, zilch from my local paper. I have waited from May 30 until the June 9 Post edition before voicing my opinion about the lack of coverage of this historic event that affects all of us who vote.

To add a local voice, I call on my neighbors to be informed about the reality of a 34-count convicted felon being the presumed Republican candidate for president of our United States.

Agree or not, Donald Trump, the only president or former president in our nation who has ever been indicted, was convicted unanimously of all 34 felonies by a jury of his peers on May 30, 2024. Donald Trump, like any other defendant who is convicted in our United States, can appeal to a higher court if he disagrees with the jury verdict of guilty.

That is his constitutional right. Meanwhile, Trump will be sentenced on July 11 and like every other convicted felon, had to meet with his probation officer (June 10) to begin the New York state process that will lead to his sentencing from being found guilty of all 34 charges.

Even if you disagree with the jury’s verdict, this is the law in the state of New York.

Appeals will proceed under the rule of law. Amid the calls of “Unfair!”, 13 Senate Republicans have reminded the voting public that even senators may need a remedial course in civics to understand how our constitution works. They apparently think that their loyalty proclamation of retaliation for the conviction of Donald is laudable and necessary to stay in the graces of the former president. Their vow to not confirm any more federal judges or Biden federal appointees will have no impact on NY state law or change the course of the appeal process. I agree with former federal attorney for the Northern District of Alabama, Joyce Vance. This “is nuts!” Politics and politicians are often difficult to stomach, particularly if they abandon their resolve for party over country or personal gain. It’s probably why I’m still a registered unaffiliated voter who looks at all the candidates.

Dear neighbors, I implore you to read widely and make your candidate decisions based upon factual information. As my Daddy, born in 1918, often reminded me — “God gave you a brain. Use it!” Despite my complaint today, I still believe in the power of local papers to deliver factual news that impacts their local readership. I believe journalistic integrity still abides under that inscription: The Truth Shall Make You Free!” Subscribe and read as well as praise and criticize your local paper. After all, It is an American tradition to use our voice and support the free press.

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