Positive Wellness Alliance appoints UN veteran as executive leader

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, June 12, 2024

LEXINGTON — Positive Wellness Alliance (PWA) welcomes United Nations veteran, Elizabeth Mattfeld, as its new executive director. The new executive director brings a fresh perspective and will be a catalyst in the organization’s continued growth.
“Her proven track record of curating transformational initiatives in substance use, mental health, physical wellbeing and HIV care will be beneficial to those in need within PWA’s eight county service region,” said Positive Wellness Alliance’s Board of Directors in a joint statement. “Mattfeld brings over two decades worth of experience in public health leadership with local, state, national and international governments and organizations.”
Mattfeld added, “PWA has served our community for over 30 years and it’s my goal to continue the support of those facing challenges and vulnerable circumstances. Everyone, regardless of status, deserves quality services, comprehensive support and the respect they deserve to continue to thrive. PWA will continue to provide services, support and leadership as we expand our partnerships, with the goal of increasing the number of those we can serve.”
The new executive director starts her role this week. The entire Positive Wellness Alliance team looks forward to working with and under her leadership. PWA is confident that she will guide the organization to greater heights.