Life Choices Rowan’s “Walk for Life” making strides towards hope

Published 12:10 am Tuesday, June 11, 2024

SALISBURY — Life Choices Rowan held its 29th annual “Walk for Life” fundraiser on June 8 where volunteers and regular citizens walked from their facility on South Main Street to the Rowan County Courthouse and back again. 

Life Choices Rowan Chair Pete Teague said the organization was initially formed to allow women going through an unplanned pregnancy “to make an informed decision” and to help them even after they have their baby if they choose to do so. 

Some of the services they offer include ultrasounds, pregnancy tests, counseling, educational classes and post-abortion support for women and families in need.

One of the three main fundraisers Life Choices Rowan does, Teague said this was the first time they had their “Walk for Life” event in the downtown area. 

“I like what we did today, I don’t know if we’ll do that again or if we’ll do something else, maybe some of both, but I love seeing the people come together in a common cause,” Teague said.

When participants congregated at the courthouse wearing special yellow T-shirts, different people quoted scripture, said prayers and shared to the crowd about their roles with Life Choices Rowan. North Carolina State Senator Carl Ford also appeared to say a few words and to display how he encourages Life Choices Rowan’s mission by raising money on its behalf after he found out about them several years ago.

“Saturday morning, a lot of people have a lot of things happening…This is big, this is important, and I think people showing that they care, they really care about the folks in this community, especially the unborn,” Ford said.

Once the walk was over, back at Life Choices Rowan, there was free Chick-fil-A, a bouncy castle and a Kona Ice truck as a reward for the people who gave back and took time out of their weekend. 

Gabrielle Pones’ mother just started working at Life Choices Rowan and she wanted to get involved by reading Bible verses on the courthouse steps. Pones said the walk “hits home” to her because she was born from a teen pregnancy and she treasured what she saw and experienced from those who came out on Saturday. 

“I felt a strong sense of community when we were all walking together. Everyone coming together for the same purpose was really cool,” Pones said.