Love for animals turns into two area businesses

Published 12:00 am Sunday, June 9, 2024

LANDIS — Having a true love for animals, Roxanne Barnes has taken that passion and started multiple businesses that focus on the care of animals and providing for them.

“I can’t even express my love for animals,” Barnes said.

She said that her mom had a miniature poodle and would always have it groomed and she would accompany her mom when she took it to the groomers, thinking this was really cool.

Barnes said she wanted to be a vet, but instead of that career, she said the next best thing was being a groomer. Raised in Enochville, Barnes said she started in several other occupations and then worked for a time with another groomer before going out on her own, opening up Roxanne Scissorhands in Landis in 2014.

Because of her love for animals and noting that her own dog wasn’t a fan of getting his nails trimmed, this “just kind of led me down that path.”

Her business has grown over the years as she said she started with three customer dogs and at this time, she and her husband John Barnes, who works full time with her, stay booked and do eight to 10 dogs a day.

She said that they try very hard to offer a one-on-one grooming service.

“We are not an assembly line grooming shop, and we try to do one on one so when I’m almost done with your dog, the next one is coming in. But if I know your dog is reactive and does not like other dogs, I make sure that doesn’t happen,” she said. 

Not only has the grooming business grown, but Roxanne has started an online business, called The Bark Boutique, which she said is an extension to her business and offers lots of items for pets, describing it as “a general ‘pet’ store, but it is also a very ‘specific’ pet store.”

Her decision to start this second business venture came about because she said she “wanted to have things that you could not just walk into your big box stores or even any of your smaller local pet stores and pick up.”

Roxanne said there’s not a place that offers designer clothes and toys, or dog beds and dog bowls. We don’t have that.

So, she asked, “Why not and why not be the one to actually start that?” plus she said “your dog deserves nice things too.”

The Bark Boutique officially started on Mother’s Day. While she had been thinking about this for awhile, Roxanne said, “it was like the fire was lit under me and I was like I’m doing it” and the response thus far with her customers has been good. “They are loving it.”

Focusing on higher end luxury, designer brands, Roxanne carries, designer toys and dog bowls, clothes, grooming products, collars, harnesses and more.

One of her favorites she said is the Chewy Vuiton and does have some of those items in stock.

Not only can people order online but she is carrying some products in her grooming salon and they can be purchased there as well.

While she does carry designer brands, the boutique doesn’t just offer designer items as she realizes not everyone can afford them. 

“I know that is a particular market. I just would like that particular market to know, ‘hey I am here,’” and she also carries other items that are more budget friendly, she said. 

In addition to the dog and cat products, she also carries products for human clients including mugs, jewelry, candles, magnets and keychains.

The keychains are something her husband does, she said.

He has a side business called Barnes 3-D Printing and so he makes the keychains, which are breed specific, she said.

So if you want a shih tzu, that’s what you get or a poodle, then that’s what you get. “They are really cool,” she said.

He is also able to do custom work; therefore, if you have your dog’s photo and want that on the keychain, he can do this. she said.

As for the mugs, she said they are handmade by a woman-owned business.

“I just feel like it is really cool to be able to support those smaller businesses. So I am trying to focus on that as well as I’m working with distributors or people,” Roxanne said.

Additional items available through the boutique include small charms to be placed on dog collars and dog tags with your pet’s information on it. While they are not doing the actual engraving at this time, that is a goal of theirs to be able to offer that, she said. For now, they are working with a company that can take care of the tags for her customers.

The grooming business is a family one with Roxanne and John and they have a six-year-old daughter, Eva, who said one day she wants to work there too.

“I am shaping her into being the best little groomer she can be,” said Roxanne.

When asked why she would encourage people to check out the business, she said, not only are they a small business and a local one, they also “offer unique products and we actually care. Like legit care! I feel like I’ve put my heart into this. I keep calling it my new baby,” she said.

Roxanne continues to learn and better her skills and knowledge as far as the grooming side of it all, and “I’m putting as much effort and energy in The Bark Boutique,” she said.

For those interested in learning more about The Bark Boutique or placing an order or for grooming needs at Roxanne Scissorshands or any additional information, visit the websites at  and