Letters to the editor: June 4

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, June 4, 2024

Maybe it can happen here

“It Can’t Happen Here,” a book written in 1935 by Sinclair Lewis, details how America loses its freedom because of the citizens believing “It Can’t Happen Here.” How a president becomes a dictator using the malaise of the voters, lies and deceit coupled with a staunch cadre of Minute Men. A worthy read and warning for 2024.

— Dale Borland,

U.S. prioritizes foreign war support over citizen support

Per today’s (5/30/24) New York Times: “President Biden, under pressure from his top national security aides and European allies, has authorized Ukraine to conduct limited strikes inside Russia with U.S.-made weapons, opening what could well be a new chapter in the war for Ukraine, U.S. officials said…”

This information confirms, yet again, that the United States is effectively running two wars. First, the United States has given and continues to give Mr. Netanyahu whatever Israel needs militarily, with no real confrontation about Israel’s war in Gaza. The United States is similarly and intimately directive in Ukraine, pulling strings, supplying weapons and now, actually influencing military maneuvers. 

The United States sends billions to Israel and Ukraine while millions of its own citizens endure poverty and other social ills. This is simply not right.

— John Doherty,