Laura Allen: 4-H achievements

Published 12:00 am Saturday, May 25, 2024

By Laura Allen
N.C. Cooperative Extension

This year, many Rowan 4-H’ers have been busy participating in numerous 4-H opportunities and have accomplished much. Today, I’d like to highlight many of these 4-H’ers.

4-H Achievement Night:

In February, we hosted our annual 4-H Achievement Night to recognize our 4-H’ers’ 2023 accomplishments in their 4-H clubs and other 4-H participation.

4-H Achievement Plans (recognizing youth achievements from their overall 4-H participation):

Cloverbud (age 6): Noah Ashby

Cloverbud (age 7): Ada Waller

Green: Olivia Stirrup, John Tucker

Silver: David Croyle

Gold:Nathan Croyle

4-H Project Record Books (4-H’ers kept records on their 4-H project work and turned in a completed booklet with their records for competition; those with an * have moved on to district competition):


Noah Ashby — 4-H broiler project

Tallulah Ennis — 4-H dairy heifer project

Lainey Plott — animal science

Ada Waller — geology, arts and crafts

8-10 year-olds:

Lynlee Propst — animal science, 1st place*

Sarah Tucker — communication arts, 1st place*

Henry Waller — personal development, 1st place*

Luke Allen — plant science, 1st place*

John Tucker — plant science, 2nd place*

Henry Waller — science and technology, 1st place*

John Tucker — science and technology, 2nd place*

11-12 year-olds:

Kyann Race, Animal Science, 1st place*

13-15 year-olds:

Nathan Croyle — family and consumer sciences, 1st place*

Nathan Croyle — science and technology, 1st place*

David Croyle — science and technology, 2nd place*

Lucas Weeder — science and technology, 3rd place

4-H Portfolios:

Nathan Croyle — science and technology, electric (13-15 year old)*

German Jaramillo — science and technology, electric (16-18 year old)

Rowan Outstanding 4-H’er of the Year (given to a 4-H’er ages 14-18 based upon an application outlining their outstanding 4-H work):

Olivia Stirrup

4-H Horse Program:

We’ve had several members of the Happy Trails 4-H Club participating in various horse related 4-H activities.

The South Central District 4-H Horse Bowl competition was held on Jan. 27 in Union County. The junior team came in 5th place. Team members included: Baylee Householder, Lynlee Propst, Addie Webster, Rosie Wells.

On March 9, 4-H’ers Kyann Race and John Tucker, members of the Happy Trails 4-H Club, competed in the NC 4-H Hippology contest. John placed as the 4th high individual in the 8-10 year-old competition.

On Saturday, April 13, members of the Happy Trails 4-H Club competed in the NC 4-H Horse Judging contest at the St. Andrews University Equestrian Center in Laurinburg. Kyann Race was the High Point Junior Rookie Winner in the whole contest and John Tucker was 5th place in Junior Rookie. Additional participants included: Evie Harper, Vivian Harper, Darcy Overcash, Gage Majors and Asa Majors.

Volunteer club leader of the Happy Trails 4-H Club is Maggie Boreman. Congratulations to these 4-H’ers on their learning and success! Thanks to Maggie and all parents and volunteers for their support!

4-H Dairy Program:

Two 4-H’ers, Brinley Batts and Kennedy Clawson, competed in the senior division of the N.C. 4-H Dairy Judging contest on April 5. Kennedy was the 3rd highest scoring individual in the 4-H contest.

4-H County Activity Day participation:

On Friday, April 19, we hosted our County Activity Day. We had four youths perform for 4-H Entertains (talent show) and 11 youths gave 4-H Presentations (speeches/demonstrations). We also had lots of entries in our 4-H Expressive Arts competition where youth competed with their creative arts items. Congratulations to the following 4-H’ers (those with an * qualified for district competition on June 18 in Scotland County):


Eliza Budzisch (playing guitar & singing)*; Nathan Croyle (playing an original song on the piano); John Tucker (playing the cello)*; Addie Webster (playing the banjo)


Sadie Allen: Cloverbud (5-7 year-olds)*

Luke Allen: 8-10 year-old; careers and entrepreneurship*

Maggie Deal: 8-10 year-old; poultry*

Ada Waller: 8-10 year-old; horticulture science*

Addie Webster: 8-10 year-old: small and companion animal*

Natalie Weeder: 8-10 year-old; kitchen-safety*

David Croyle: 14-18 year-old; science and technology*

Nathan Croyle: 14-18 year-old; fisheries and aquatics*

Sammie Simon: 14-18 year-old; livestock and dairy production*

John Tucker: 8-10 year-old; electric*

Lucas Weeder: 14-18 year-old; open class*

Expressive Arts:

Luke Allen, Sadie Allen, Noah Ashby, Owen Basinger, David Croyle, Nathan Croyle, Tallulah Ennis, Georgia Fritz, Will Fritz, Paisley Hiatt, Baylee Householder, German Jaramillo, Darcy Overcash; Anna Parker; Caleb Parker, Jacob Parker, Lucas Parker, Kyann Race, John Tucker, Sarah Tucker, Georgia Veleke, Ada Waller, Henry Waller, Emma Weeder, Isabella Weeder, Lucas Weeder, Natalie Weeder, Rosie Wells

4-H Piedmont Rabbit Project

Rowan County Cooperative Extension, along with Cabarrus, Catawba and Iredell County cooperative extensions, hosted the 4-H Piedmont Rabbit Project. This project was led by the livestock and 4-H extension agents in all four counties and involved a total of 26 youths. Rowan County was well represented in this project, with 15 youth participants.

Participants could sign up to show their own rabbit or they could borrow a rabbit that was provided to them. As part of this project, youths attended two learning sessions where they learned about proper nutrition and care for their rabbits and proper showing techniques.

On May 4, all 4-H’ers came together in Rowan County for the 4-H Piedmont Rabbit Project Show. Two judges were present to judge each of the rabbits on their physical traits (known as a type show). The judges also judged showmanship, where they critiqued each youth in their rabbit showing abilities.

The results of the rabbit show for Rowan County 4-H exhibitors included:


Ages 5-7: Ellis Howe, Lainey Plott

Ages 8-10: John Tucker (1st), Georgia Fritz (2nd), Addie Webster (3rd), Barrett Devine (5th), Baylee Householder (6th), Ada Waller (7th), Brooklyn Parker (8th), Aileana Zigler (9th), Lincoln Howe (10th),

Ages 11-13: Kyann Race (3rd), Marie Basinger, Keira Collins, Henry Waller

Type (shown by breed):

Netherland Dwarf: John Tucker (1st), Barrett Devine (2nd)

Mini Rex: Kyann Race (1st), Lincoln Howe (2nd)

Rex: Aileana Zigler (5)

Silver Fox: Lainey Plott (1st), Marie Basinger (2nd)

Holland Lop: Ellis Howe (3rd), Baylee Householder (4th)

Mini Lops: Addie Webster (3rd)

Lionhead: Ada Waller (1st), Henry Waller (2nd)

New Zealand: Georgia Fritz (1st)

Dutch Cross: Brooklyn Parker (1st)

Flemish Giant: Keira Collins (1st)

Congratulations to all of these 4-H’ers on a job well done!

Rowe McNeely 4-H Scholarship

Congratulations to graduating senior 4-H’er Talton Correll, who was chosen as the recipient of the Rowe McNeely 4-H Scholarship. This scholarship is given to a 4-H’er in Iredell or Rowan County who has outstanding records of achievements in community, school, 4-H clubs and overall 4-H participation. Talton will be attending Mississippi State University in the fall studying poultry science.

Stay tuned as we have a busy summer coming up with more 4-H opportunities!

4-H is the youth development component of Cooperative Extension. Any youths ages 5-18 (as of January 1) are invited to enroll and participate in 4-H. Visit us at 2727-A Old Concord Road Salisbury, NC 28146 or For questions or more information, contact 704-216-8970 or

Laura Allen is 4-H agent with the Rowan County Extension.

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