Salisbury-Rowan NAACP to hold weeklong “Juneteenth Celebration”

Published 12:05 am Wednesday, May 8, 2024

SALISBURY — Juneteenth, the day that acknowledges the end of slavery, became an official federal holiday in 2021. Now every June 19 going forward will be nationally recognized as a day of remembrance. 

To honor this occasion, for the second year in a row, the Salisbury-Rowan NAACP is going to hold a weeklong Juneteenth celebration starting on June 13 and ending on the 19th. Each day will have its own special event to commemorate the progress in getting to this moment in history. 

“To bring the community together and to see the different experiences and different meanings of other people’s Juneteenth,” Juneteenth Committee Chair Linda Black said.

On June 13, there will be a prayer vigil at 6 p.m. on the steps of the Rowan County administration building. 

“That’s where we will bring different denominations to come out and pray. What we’re praying for is to become an all inclusive community,” Black said. 

On June 14, the NAACP will organize a “Blues and Fish” gathering at the Salisbury Civic Center where local artists are going to play heritage Blues music while fish is served to the public.

The big “Juneteenth Celebration” at Bell Tower Green is going to take place on Saturday, June 15, with vendor and performer applications currently available online. 

“The performers are mainly community members. Anyone can sign up, anyone in the community or the surrounding areas to perform,” Black said. “It’s not a specific type of music. We’re trying to build something all inclusive where we experience all heritages.”

The NAACP is also looking for a multitude of vendors to be part of the celebration. 

“It could be anything from food, to their hobbies, information about their local businesses, or any information they want the community to be aware of,” Black said. 

On June 16, the NAACP is going to have a “Sofa Sunday” where gospel groups will be singing at Bell Tower Green. 

On June 17, NAACP members and volunteers are going to help clean up a park as well as Brenner Avenue for their “Day of Service.” Black said they are also going to volunteer at Rowan Helping Ministries. 

The NAACP is going to be meeting with the several youth camps on June 18 to educate kids on the meaning of Juneteenth and the culture surrounding it.

Lastly, on June 19, the NAACP will have a “Heritage Prayer” breakfast with doors opening at 7 a.m. at Hall Gym.  

Already thinking about 2025, Black said the NAACP is preparing to have another celebration next year, too. 

“The plan is to continue on with the celebration and to grow the celebration,” Black said. 

For more information on becoming a performer for the June 15 “Juneteenth Celebration,” go to

For more information on becoming a vendor for the June 15 “Juneteenth Celebration,” go to

The deadline to submit applications to be a performer/vendor is June 3.