Festival of Tables: A unique, can’t-miss event

Published 12:00 am Sunday, April 28, 2024


SPENCER — The North Carolina Museum of Dolls, Toys and Miniatures has announced the return of one of its marquee event, the Festival of Tables.

On May 4, attendees can immerse themselves in a world of creativity, elegance and community at the one-of-a-kind affair.

Step into an atmosphere of fun where volunteers will delight you with an array of decorated tables, each crafted to showcase a unique theme and design. From whimsical wonderlands to sophisticated settings, there’s something to delight every taste and aesthetic sensibility. You’ll be able to help select the People’s Choice Award by casting your vote for your favorite table.

The experience doesn’t end there. Indulge your palate with brunch, curated to complement the day’s festivities.

The Festival of Tables isn’t just an event; it’s an invitation to join in celebration of creativity, community and philanthropy. Bring your appetite, your bidding spirit as there will be lots of raffles and auction items.

Tickets are available for just $25 per person, brunch included.

For more information or to purchase tickets, go to ncmdtm.org/events or call 704-762-9359.