Peele, Martinez recognized as The Forum of Salisbury Employees of the Month

Published 12:00 am Thursday, April 25, 2024

SALISBURY — Each month, The Forum of Salisbury recognizes one classified and one licensed employee as The Forum of Salisbury Employees of the Month for RSS. 

Students and parents nominate these outstanding staff members, and the winners receive $250, a six-month membership to The Forum and a 5-class pass for SoFul Yoga and Wellness at Railwalk. 

The Forum of Salisbury Certified Staff Member of the Month is Madison Peele, of West Rowan Middle School.

Three different students nominated Peele.

One wrote: “She is amazing, is very organized with her grading, and lets us redo work. My parents are always happy with my grades in her class.” 

Another student said: “She is always helping, and I can tell she cares about me a lot. She makes sure that I know what she is teaching. This teacher highly deserves recognition.” 

The third wrote: “She is by far the best teacher. I had her in 5th grade, and now I have her in 7th too. She is always there for you when you need something. She is a shoulder to cry on and always checking up on other people. She is very selfless and loving towards other people no matter what happens. Out of my four years of knowing her, she has never failed to be the better version of herself around me. She makes me laugh and smile and brings out the best in me. I love her so much and truly believe she deserves this reward!” 

The Forum of Salisbury Classified Staff Member of the Month is Jeffrey Martinez, the financial secretary at Overton Elementary School.

Martinez was nominated by a parent who wrote: “I am not even sure Mr. Martinez’s role at the school because every time I see him, he is helping someone out in various ways. He always greets the kids with a huge smile and knows them by name. He works hard and does so much for the school as a whole. I feel like he is willing to step in wherever there is a need and to support the school. He even stayed late to set up, work the concession stand, and pack up for the Overton volleyball game. This was clearly outside of his hours and responsibilities and speaks to the kind of person he is.”