Livingstone College hosts honors convocation

Published 12:00 am Thursday, April 25, 2024

Livingstone College News Service

SALISBURY — Livingstone College hosted its annual Samuel E. Duncan Honors Convocation last week in Bishop James Varick Auditorium, with the college’s Board of Trustee Wendee Bailey as the keynote speaker.

Bailey challenged students to make the most of investment opportunities starting with their education.

“I had one goal in undergrad,” Bailey said. “I wanted to be rich. I didn’t know how I was getting there, but I knew what I wanted.”

In a Q&A-style delivery, Bailey encouraged attendees to ask questions in efforts to foster success for life long goals and aspirations.

Sophomore class president Andrew Foster asked, “How important is it for you to invest in others?”

Bailey replied, “It is extremely important. Howard University taught me how to put on my shoes, but Livingstone has taught me how to put on my coat,” before adding that sharing and investing in future generations is now a part of her life’s journey.