East Spencer community organizer knocks off long-term alderman on Election Day

Published 12:00 am Thursday, November 9, 2023

EAST SPENCER — After the votes were tallied for the Nov. 7 election, George Jackson received the third highest number of votes for the alderman seat in East Spencer having received 114 following incumbents Curtis B. Cowan and Deloris High, who received 150 and 136 votes, respectively. 

In a race for three openings, Jackson locked up the seat over long-time alderman John Noble III.

Jackson shared that this was his first attempt at public office and said he was “very humbled and appreciative to the good neighbors in East Spencer for electing me and offering me an opportunity to serve them and give the best of my abilities to my community.”

Continuing to move forward is what Jackson shared are his plans at this time as a newly elected councilman.

“I’m hoping to continue the forward progress the town has made over the last five years to improve the infrastructure,” he commented, and specifically mentioned really focusing “my attention on transportation and beautification of the Long Street corridor.”

One project that Jackson shared he would like to see happen is the creation of a transportation hub at an area off Interstate 85 at the entrance of East Spencer.

Referring to the former Citgo gas station, Jackson said the Greyhound buses pull in at this location “where people who are traveling up and down the East Coast get on and off the buses there. I would like to see that as a hub for the county.”

Jackson concluded by saying he would “definitely like to give honor to Mr. John Noble, who served as an alderman for decades. Appreciate his years of service to the community.”