Doug Creamer: Be prepared and ready

Published 12:00 am Saturday, November 4, 2023

By Doug Creamer

I love fall and spring weather. The nights are cool and the days are comfortably warm. One thing these seasons include is lots of outdoor chores. The spring chores are exciting because everything is coming alive and I am looking forward to the gardening season. Fall chores include cleaning up all the leaves. We have a couple of gumball trees in the lot next door that give us plenty of gifts that require cleaning up.

My least favorite fall chore is putting our tropical plants into the garage. I love sitting on the porch surrounded by plants. There is just something about the plants that makes me feel good. When they are inside for the winter, I feel empty and miss them. The other problem with moving the plants in is that they have grown and filled out all summer. The garage fills up quickly with these large plants. While I do enjoy seeing the plants when I pull in and out of the garage, I would rather sit with them on the porch with a good book and a glass of tea.

The big fall chore is getting up the leaves. It starts close to Halloween and it continues until sometime after Christmas. I use the bag on the lawnmower to pick up my leaves and put them in the vegetable garden. It helps the soil and the worms love it.

The fall color is beautiful but it is followed too closely by winter. My biggest issue with winter is that we have so many cloudy days. I miss the sunshine and the longer days of summer. But I know we need the colder temperatures to bring on my favorite part of winter, snow!

As the seasons change I am reminded of many lessons. God wants us to understand that life moves in cycles. We can be assured that bad times will pass and that we should strive to enjoy the good times. We can also learn that nothing will last forever in this life. We are only passing through this life. How we live this life matters. God wants to see our faith shine.

Life is like the changing seasons. My frosted beard is evidence that I have entered the fall of life. A friend reminded me that it is important to finish strong. I don’t want to be like Solomon who lost his focus of faith in his later years and followed other religions. It’s easy to wander away from faith so I want to be diligent and keep my faith strong to the end.

The Boy Scout moto is “Be Prepared.” I always prepare for storms like hurricanes or winter weather, but I also try to prepare for life’s changes. I want to be prepared for spiritual challenges I face. I want to be an overcomer, not be overcome. I want to run the race with perseverance.

Jesus warned us of the importance of maintaining our faith through all the seasons of life. In a parable, He tells of the ten virgins who go to meet the bridegroom. He was late in arriving and they fell asleep. When the call went out that he had arrived only five of the virgins were prepared for him. They had extra oil for their lamps. God wants us to be prepared for His return.

No matter what stage or season of life you are in, God wants you to be prepared. He wants you to be ready to share your faith and hope with others. He also wants you to make sure that your heart is ready for His return. We recognize the signs of the changing seasons. We should recognize the signs that are pointing to His return. Pay attention to what is happening in Israel because scripture is being fulfilled. We need to make sure we are ready.

I want to encourage you to be ready for His return. Watch the signs of our times and trust God to keep His eye on you. He will keep you safe. He will guide you through life’s trials and challenges. Whatever you are facing is only for a season. He will see you through to the other side. Consider the squirrels who are working very hard to prepare for the winter. God wants you working hard right up until the day He comes back for you. No one knows the day or the hour, but we need to live ready and prepared. I want to be faithful in every season until the very end. Join me as we persevere so He will find us faithful until He comes.

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