Cone with a Cop ushers in new era of Landis policing

Published 12:06 am Thursday, October 19, 2023

LANDIS — One of Landis Police Chief Matthew Geelen’s primary visions when he took over the department last month was to expand the visibility of his officers within the town of Landis. They did that during a Cone with a Cop event at the Landis Creamery last Friday.

“The community engagement activity went really well,” Geelen said after the event. “We had a great turnout and lots of positive feedback.”

When Geelen, who previously served as a sergeant within the department, took over the top seat, he said that he wanted to increase community department relations and make his officers familiar faces within the community they serve.

“Events like Cone with a Cop align with our vision by fostering positive interactions between our department and the community,” Geelen said. “It helps increase visibility and build trust.”

Overall, he said the event was well received by those who attended.

“We received an overwhelmingly positive response from everyone who came to Cone with a Cop,” Geelen said. “They loved the opportunity to connect with our officers and enjoy some ice cream together.”

The event wasn’t just for kids, as Geelen pointed out.

“There was a great mix of Landis residents at Cone with a Cop,” Geelen said. “We had people of all ages, from kids to seniors, joining in on the fun. It was awesome to see everyone come together.”

Given the event’s success, Geelen would like to see more such engagement activities in Landis.

“We have more exciting events planned for the future,” Geelen said. “Keep an eye out for updates on our social media page. Can’t wait to see everyone at the next one.”