Ashlie Miller: Wander to wonder

Published 12:00 am Saturday, September 23, 2023

By Ashlie Miller
For the Salisbury Post

Do you prefer to immerse yourself in nature or a good book? Students have been discussing general revelation versus special revelation as it relates to knowing God as Creator and Jesus as Savior in a Foundations in the Faithclass at our homeschool co-op. In case you are unfamiliar with these terms, in Christianity, we believe God reveals attributes of His character through creation. Upon realizing there must be a Creator, we are inclined to pursue finding out Who He is and why He created (as outlined in Romans 1:20-21). This search leads us to the Scriptures to discover these answers, further drawing us to the plan of Salvation through Jesus Christ alone.

Last weekend, to kick off the fall season, our family ventured a couple of hours towards Hendersonville to spend some time at Stepps Hillcrest Apple Orchard and then to hike in Dupont State Forest. The apple orchard provides so many taste and seeopportunities (Psalm 34:8) — all that variety! Why would a Creator delight to give so many flavors and colors of one type of fruit? The joy we receive from slicing into a freshly picked apple or simmering down apples into a sauce is a true gift. Then, hiking a park with several waterfalls is a feast for the senses — the rushing roar of the waterfall, the spectacular splashes we can see and feel, and even the smell of nature. 

My five-year-old son proved that the wonder and awe of these experiences and the presence of a Creator were not lost on him. Watching him discover the sound and the massive power of the energy in the falls as we approached was overwhelming to his small frame. After taking in the sight, his first question was, Mom, is this heaven? He was not parroting an overused phrase. These were the best words he could find to express his joy. Later, throughout the hike, he declared, This is the best vacation day of my life! The wisdom of toddlers and kindergartners is refreshing! We can learn so much from them. 

What makes your jaw drop when you explore nature? Or when was the last time you allowed yourself to wander to wonder? Many ologists(biologists, geologists, etc.) get lost in books and theories; I wonder if they miss the awe aspect of what they study, forgetting what likely lured them into the field in the first place.

We in the West have plenty of access to special revelation through Bible apps, multiple translations and versions of the Bible, and ample churches that still teach biblically. However, we must also couple that with general revelation by enjoying Gods creation. 

How can you do that soon? Plan a trip to an apple orchard, a hike, or a drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway. How can you get lost in wonder today? Savor each bite of your food, watch the critters gather for winter or spend time with a kindergartner in the backyard. I promise youll be able to get lost in the wonder of it all!

Ashlie Miller plans to get lost in wonder with her family either in the backyards of Concord, on day trips to hike, or driving for fall foliage color.

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