Salisbury City Council candidate to appear on ballot despite ineligibility

Published 12:06 am Saturday, September 16, 2023

SALISBURY — Salisbury City Council candidate Charles T. Dean III has decided to move to Maryland, which will make him ineligible to hold office in the city of Salisbury.

The Rowan County Board of Elections had already begun to print the ballots before Dean decided to return to Maryland, which means even though he will be ineligible for the office he will still appear on the ballot. The board considered reprinting the ballots during their meeting on Monday, Sept. 11, but voted to move forward with Dean’s name on the ballots because of the cost reprinting would represent to the county.

“As I am no longer a resident of the City of Salisbury, I am now ineligible to run for Salisbury City Council. While I was attracted to Rowan County for the many historical opportunities, ultimately the inability of the state legislature to pass a budget made gainful employment in education commensurate with my experience impossible to rely on for adequate income. I received a sweetheart deal in another state at twice the North Carolina teacher pay scale and a ‘Cadillac’ benefits plan. I thank everyone who treated us well during our time in Salisbury and exit with the deepest of regrets,” said Dean in a statement.

Elections Director Brenda McCubbins said that state statutes say that if Dean does win the election, then because of his ineligibility the seat would immediately be considered an open seat. It would then be up to the Salisbury City Council to appoint that open seat. While the city council could go with the next vote-getter, they would not be required to and could appoint anyone eligible. According to the statute, the person appointed would serve until the next election, at which point citizens would vote a candidate into the office who would serve the rest of the term.

Dean said that while he knows the timing of his move is not ideal for the residents of Salisbury, factors outside of his control made his ineligibility for office necessary.