Granite Quarry resident honored for upcoming 100th birthday

Published 12:10 am Thursday, August 17, 2023

GRANITE QUARRY — Louise Crowther was recognized by the Granite Quarry Board of Aldermen during their meeting Monday night in honor of her upcoming 100th birthday. Crowther’s centennial birthday is on Aug. 25.

Crowther is the seventh generation of the Brown family that built the Michael Braun House, also known as the Old Stone House. The historical building is located just outside of Granite Quarry on Old Stone House Road.

“Mrs. Crowther has been described as an amazing woman whose vitality, energy and positive attitude belie her advanced age,” read the proclamation given to Crowther by Mayor Brittany Barnhardt.

She was born in Granite Quarry in 1923 but moved away to the Ellis Crossroads community later in life when she got married, said Crowther. After her husband passed away, Crowther moved back to Granite Quarry to be close to her son and his family.

Crowther’s daughter-in-law Charisse Peeler said that Crowther was having a birthday bash at Christiana Lutheran Church on U.S. Hwy. 52 on Aug. 26. Peeler said that the party was open to anyone who wanted to attend, and that the Hot Dog Shack owner Jason Smith would be there to serve food for the event.

Peeler said that the family plans to have a large birthday dinner on Aug. 25 with family flying in from all over the county, such as Seattle and Massachusetts. Crowther’s son is also travelling from Africa to come celebrate his mother’s centennial birthday.

Crowther also plans to attend her own birthday bash in a clown outfit. Originally, Peeler and Crowther only planned for her to wear the clown outfit for pictures for the invitations, but Crowther said she wanted to wear the outfit for her party as well.

After the proclamation, everyone in attendance at the meeting sang “Happy Birthday” to Crowther, including both her son, Michael Peeler and his wife Charisse.

John Linker, mayor pro-tem, said afterwards that he brought up that his mother went to school with Crowther. Over 80 years later, Linker said she remembered his mother by name and remembered who she married after school.

“Now, therefore be it proclaimed, that I, Brittany H. Barnhardt, by virtue of the authority vested in me as Mayor of the Town of Granite Quarry, North Carolina, do hereby proclaim and celebrate the life of distinguished citizen, Mrs. Louise Crowther,” ended the proclamation.