Historic farm offers sunflower field for family photo-ops

Published 12:05 am Wednesday, July 5, 2023

MT. ULLA — The Brown family has been working their farm near Mt. Ulla since 1835. In the past few years, a new addition to the farm has shown up, a patch of sunflowers on the edge of the property.

“How it got started, and we’ve been doing this for years, is just that we like looking at them and for beautification of the county,” said Jamie Brown, a member of the sixth generation to work and live on the farm.

The Brown Farm, which primarily raises cattle, planted the sunflowers as a means to bring more color to their farm, but they have also recently started allowing photographers and local families to use the patch as a beautiful yellow backdrop for photos.

While they have been planting the sunflowers for several years, Brown said that they have many projects that they have wanted to get started on with the patch and simply have not had the time for in the past few years. Brown said this year he wanted to add a small walking trail through the field of sunflowers filled with props for photo-ops, but between running the farm and working a second job he ran out of time.

“We’re primarily a cattle farm, and so we’re working all the time. And then I look and they’re blooming and I’m like ‘oh my they’re already blooming and I haven’t done anything past what we had last year,'” said Brown.

Brown also hopes to be able to set up a scavenger hunt inside the flower field if he does add a walking trail as well as set up the edge of the property to allow people to hide and search for geocaches.

Because the Browns’ run a historic, centennial farm, they ask for anyone who’s able and willing to donate to the farm if they use the sunflower patch. For more information about how to get into contact with the Brown family, go to the farm’s website at www.brownfarmbeef.com.