Salisbury Symphony’s Summer Camp: A melodious success and a beacon for the future of orchestral music

Published 12:10 am Saturday, June 17, 2023

The Salisbury Symphony’s much-awaited summer camp came to a successful close last week, leaving behind an impressive legacy of learning, music and community. Over 70 eager students spanning various proficiency levels, from intermediate and advanced string players and piano students to beginners, partook in the two-week program held at the First United Methodist Church. The event proved to be a unique opportunity for these young talents, offering not only an introduction to the world of orchestral music but also a platform to celebrate it.

The camp, sponsored by the generous Margaret C. Woodson Foundation, brought together over 60 beginners, equipping them with instruments provided by the Band Attic, in Spencer. Seasoned music educators — Kate Middel, Liz Burns and Dr. Lawrence Quinnett oversaw instruction to intermediate/advanced strings and pianists. Longtime educator Carter Bradley and assistant Hope Craig took the helm of this beginner program, with Beth Cook leading as the camp director and Maria Guild assisting her.

The curriculum was creatively designed to ensure a comprehensive musical experience.

In addition to instrumental lessons, students delved into music theory and enjoyed a variety of extracurricular activities. The program also included camp concerts, allowing the students to demonstrate the skills they had learned in a real-world setting. Field trips to the scenic Bell Tower Green Park offered an enriching break, bridging the gap between nature and music, and further enhancing their creative learning journey.

The finale of the camp was marked with an extraordinary concert that showcased the students’ progress and talent. In a surprise announcement, the David Hagy Scholarship Fund was unveiled, promising to support a student’s complete musical journey with the Salisbury Symphony. Congratulations goes to Dorothea Stout who is the first ever recipient of the scholarship. This scholarship will provide full coverage of tuition and any program that the symphony offers and is awarded to students who show focus and drive in the education programs of the Salisbury Symphony. They go above and beyond with their helpfulness in class and display an undeniable passion for music making.

Reflecting on the camp’s impact, the executive director of the Salisbury Symphony said, “This camp is about more than teaching music; it’s about securing the future of orchestral music in Rowan County. We’re planting the seeds for the next generation of musicians, and we’re incredibly grateful for the support from our community in making this camp a resounding success.”

In conclusion, the Salisbury Symphony’s summer camp served not only as a breeding ground for aspiring musicians but also as a testament to the community’s commitment to preserving and promoting orchestral music in Rowan County. The symphony looks forward to continuing this tradition of musical excellence and community engagement in the years to come.