Public hearing for Trinity Church, Stirewalt roads rezoning request postponed until July

Published 12:01 am Wednesday, May 24, 2023

KANNAPOLIS — On Monday night, the Kannapolis City Council accepted petitioner Jack McKinley’s request to postpone the public hearing regarding the rezoning request for the  neighborhood development at Trinity Church and Stirewalt Roads until July 24.

McKinley says he is obliging with the council’s request from the last meeting, to see if changing the zoning from R4 conditional to R2 would be a viable option. The main difference between the two is that R2 has a 100 foot lot width, 25 more than R4. That would mean fewer units available for the planned development. McKinley’s team is currently working on a new layout, one that both he and the city will find acceptable.

“We wanted to try another layout that will accommodate their 100 foot, R2 frontage width. The layout that we have now, we’ve got a lot of wasted space when we tried to use that 100 foot frontage. We want the opportunity to try to massage the roads a little bit, see what our best fit scenario can be, and also take a look at setbacks and see how we’re looking for lot fit analysis,” Frank Cantrell, the project’s engineer, said.

McKinley told council that he is willing to accept restrictions if he is allowed to move forward with R4 conditional zoning at 85 foot lot widths instead. The city had previously offered McKinley this same kind of stipulation in March.

Council members said it would be in the best interest to wait to have the public hearing so all of the findings are presented at once without any additional delays.

“As many times as this has been extended or continued, it’s only fair to do it, get all the information, and hear it all at one time instead of making everyone go through another meeting tonight and not have all the information,” council member Ryan Dayvault said.