Letters to the editor: May 21

Published 12:00 am Sunday, May 21, 2023

Tax rate needs to be revenue neutral

The front page of the Salisbury Post (May 17) reported that the county manager has proposed a property tax rate 10.3% higher than the revenue-neutral rate.

I wonder how many Rowan County taxpayers got 10.3% raises this year? Mecklenburg County, controlled by Democrats, has proposed lowering its tax rate 25.2% to remain revenue neutral. Republican-controlled Rowan County, on the other hand, is proposing to drop rates only 11.8% rather than the 20% reduction required to remain revenue neutral. For the record, Rowan’s current tax rate is already 88% higher than Mecklenburg’s and will be 102% higher if the proposed rate is adopted.

I sincerely hope that the county commissioners will not just rubber-stamp the county manager’s proposal but insist that he go back to the drawing board and draft a budget based on the revenue-neutral property tax rate. But I for one won’t be holding my breath.

Republicans are big on talking about lower taxes, but not so much on actually lowering them, except for businesses and the ultra-wealthy.

— Thomas Strini


Kudos for mail carrier near High Rock Lake

In the High Rock Lake area (28146), our current Salisbury Post/mail carrier is the best! Her name is Valencia.

She stacks the mail upright on the inside wall of the mailbox. She never gives it a big sling to land in the back of the box where it is so hard to reach.

She is friendly and very professional.

Thank you Valencia for the good job you do everyday you carry our newspaper/mail.

— Patti Allman