Senior Games pickleball results

Published 12:00 am Saturday, May 20, 2023

The Rowan County Senior Games pickleball tournament was held recently and included 34 contestants.
The Rowan County Senior Games are sanctioned by the North Carolina Senior Games, which is sanctioned by the National Senior Games and sponsored by the N.C. Division on Aging and Adult Services.
Two participants, Greg Dunn and David Post, qualified in 2022 for the National Senior Games, which are held every other year. Dunn and Post are Rowan County participants who qualified and will participate in the National Senior Games in Pittsburgh in July.  They finished in the top four in the county to make the State Games and finished in the top 4 there to make Nationals. Dunn qualified in men’s doubles and mixed doubles for pickleball.  Post qualified in singles, men’s doubles and mixed doubles.
Rowan County Senior Games pickleball winners (with other places noted) 

Women’s Singles

65-69 Jane Brittain

Men’s Singles

60-64 David Hibbard

70-74 David Post

70-74 Mike Rimmer, second, and Gary Goodin, third

75 -79 Steve Potter

75-79 Stan Osteen, second

 Women’s Doubles

55-59 Jacqueline Cleveland and Roxanne Jordan

60-64 Adrienne James and Rose Cox

65-69 Libby Post and Jeanne DiMarzio

65-69 Judy Shives and Roxanne Darnell, second

70-74 Nancy Graham and Nancy Eason

80-84 Katie Evans and Toby Richards

Men’s Doubles

60-64 Kendal Rogers and David Hibbard

65-69 Mark Rimmer and Michael Cheek

65-69 Gary Wirkus and Sherman Distin, second

70-74 Jack Goodman and Bob Terry

70-74 Mike Rimmer and David Post, second, and  John Lentz and James DeVeau, third

75-79 Steve Potter & Richard Loman

Mixed Doubles

55-59 Christi Cranford and Dale Hill

60-64 Joni Rivas and Kendal Rogers

60-64 Rose Cox and Michael Cheek, second

65-69 Jane Brittain and Jack Goodman

65-69 Libby Post and David Post, second, and Darry Rimmer and Bob Terry, third

70-74 Barbara Duffy and Rob Duffy

70-74 Nancy Eason and Frank Eason, second

75-79 Toby Richards and Steve Potter