Shield A Badge With Prayer Ministries begins 28th year, seeks participants

Published 12:04 am Sunday, May 14, 2023

Shield A Badge With Prayer Ministries, the program to offer prayer for all those who wear the badge, is entering its 28th year. 

“Scripture tells us that without prayer made on their behalf, the officer is unprotected and is a target for the devil,” said Rowan County Chaplain and Phaniels Baptist Church Pastor Michael Taylor. “Whenever an officer and their family are prayed for, it is as if God places his divine shield of protection around them. Prayer allows the officer to go out each day in an evil environment with God’s protection. As we pray for our law enforcement, we should be reminded that God has placed them in that position by our prayers.  

“As a child of God and as one who loves law enforcement, I beg you to set aside a time and a place to pray for those who serve.”  

How can the public help?  

By shielding a badge in prayer. Every prayer can make a difference in whether an officer lives, dies or is harmed or not in the line of duty. Everyone can make a difference in the lives of men and women who risk their lives daily. Many people depend on my prayers and on prayers of others.  

How does the program work?  

Contact Taylor by calling 704-782-7201. In return, you will be provided with the name of an officer, their date of birth and the agency where the officer works. You will begin to pray for the officer daily for a year. Along with prayer, we ask that you send a birthday card, a Christmas card and a thank you card to the officer at the agency where they work.  

Want to make a donation?  

Make checks payable to Shield A Badge With Prayer Ministries, 2122 Hopedale Street, Kannapolis, NC 28083. Shield A Badge With Prayer Ministries is a 501(c)(3) non-profit ministry. Donations are greatly appreciated.