My Turn, Evelyn Uddin-khan: Our holy days    

Published 12:00 am Sunday, May 14, 2023

On the surface we are a very patriotic nation. Scratch that surface and we are more supportive of capitalism then patriotism.

After 9/11, we all became aware of how much American soil meant to us, patriotism was the popular word and the government quickly put together the Patriot Act.

By Thanksgiving that year patriotism was over as most people rushed their turkey dinners to enjoy the Black Friday excitement. They just had to stand in line at stores and grab those half-price TVs or some new jeans at half price.

From my perspective, our holidays have no meaning. Their meanings are lost in capitalism. Looking at our national holidays clearly proves this point.

New Year’s Day sale – bargains galore, Christmas leftovers.

President’s Day sale – which president?

Super Bowl sale – beer, chicken wings and pizza.

Valentine’s Day sale – love for a day with flowers and candy.

St. Patrick’s Day sale – lots of green dollars for the unicorn. The corn beef is usually good.

Easter – month long sale. What would Jesus say?

April Fools sale – we need one.

Mother’s Day sale – remember her today, send flowers and chocolate.

Memorial Day sale – do we remember the soldiers while grilling those hot dogs.

Summer sale – bikinis and BBQ grills.

Graduation sales – good luck kids, you are going to need it.

Father’s Day sale – some nice tools.

Independence Day sale – which country, what day?

End of summer sale and back to school sale – in July.

Labor Day sale – workers unite and get fired! Christmas sale begins in September.

Columbus Day sale – who started this one?

Halloween sale – parents think before you pay. This is such a rip-off. Do your children need all that candy?

Election Day sale – get a life people and go vote. Ponder the things that are important to you.

Veterans Day sale – who are they? Christmas sales dragging on …

Thanksgiving Day sale – sale of no thanks, but we do rush off to Black Friday sale … poor man’s madness.

End of Christmas sale before Christmas and New Year’s Day sale begins – bargains galore and the cycle repeats itself.

The two most upsetting “sale” days for me are Memorial Day and Veterans Day.

Memorial Day is for honoring those who have died in the nation’s wars. Veterans Day is for honoring military veterans who are alive and for those who are serving.

As Memorial Day approaches, how many people actually pay attention to the significance of the day. It is a holiday weekend, time to get the BBQ grill cleaned and ready to roast, and begin our summer fun.

On Veterans Day, we get a day off from work and sleep late.

Why “celebrate” Memorial Day and Veterans Day when the majority of Americans are clueless to the significance of what these days mean to us. These two days are reminders of what men and women did for their country — our country — these are not sale days.

There was a time in this country when shops were closed on Sundays and people devoted their day to worship and their communities. Times have changed. Capitalism has replaced patriotism to a certain extent, and Sunday worship is for a few.

Perhaps one day we will get back to less capitalism and more patriotism!

Evelyn Uddin-khan moved to Salisbury in 2018 after living in the New York City area for most of her life. She taught in public schools and for a community college in the New York City area