Letters to the editor: May 14

Published 12:00 am Sunday, May 14, 2023

Time to honor public servants

Please join me in honoring the invaluable contributions of our nation’s public servants.

Every day, public servants carry out critical work that allows our society to function. We rely on public servants for our daily safety through emergency services and preventing crime and terrorism; to ensure we build and maintain the physical infrastructure allowing us to move from place to place, communicate across long distances, power our homes or drink clean water; to educate our children; to administer critical social programs like Social Security and Medicare; and much more.

Too often their work goes unnoticed until something goes wrong. Yet public servants work every day to provide a stable foundation for all of us to enjoy our lives and our freedom. We should thank them more often — or at least once a year.

That’s why, since 1985, the first week of May has been designated Public Service Recognition Week (PSRW).

I hope you will join me in expressing your appreciation to those who serve for what they do for our communities and our country.

— Racine Douglas


Editor’s note: Douglas is part of the Salisbury chapter of the National Association  of Active and Retired Federal Employees.