Landis author explores motherhood in new book

Published 12:08 am Sunday, May 14, 2023

LANDIS — After Torrie Jarrett published a blog about a miscarriage, she received a response from readers so strong that it inspired her to write a book.

Jarrett’s debut work, “The Longing,” launched last month and chronicles her journey through potential infertility and loss to motherhood while finding God’s promise.

“I wrote the book based on things you long for that feel unattainable, like longing for love and life goals,” Jarrett said.

Jarrett decided to write the book following many messages of support following her revelation of a miscarriage in a blog where she described the hardship it wrought on her.

“I felt like I couldn’t relate to anyone,” Jarrett said. “No one understood my motherhood point of view going through loss. I wrote about it on my blog, and the outpouring of people who came back and started telling me their stories blew my mind.”

Those responses revealed to Jarrett that many women had experienced setbacks like hers. However, the way that many of them handled their miscarriages troubled Jarrett.

“They held that forever alone and did not tell a soul,” Jarrett said. “I decided that I didn’t want to feel this way for the rest of my life and that there needed to be a ministry in this area for mothers and to speak to them about getting through the battles they have been through while embracing motherhood and the joy that comes through that. That’s when I decided to turn the blog into a book.”

The newly-minted author landed on the title because, for Jarrett, “The Longing” was that deep pit-in-her-stomach feeling when she wanted something so badly that it hurt. A profound desire kept her awake at night, praying for God’s fulfillment.

While she and her husband have had numerous goals throughout their lives, between owning a farm and their businesses, having children was a goal they weren’t sure they would ever accomplish.

Her husband Brenton was electrocuted on a power line in his 20s while working as a lineman.

“It was a very extensive recovery process,” Jarrett said. “They told him that within his life, he would probably realize different things that this would have caused. Unfortunately for us, when we started trying to have kids, we realized that there was a low chance he would ever be able to have kids.

“Thanks to our relationship with the Lord and praying through those situations, we were able to overcome those obstacles and ended up being pregnant without having in vitro fertilization or anything like that.”

Jarrett is now a mother of four. Her kids, Bentley, Baize, Beacon and Braven, are 11, nine, four and one.

Jarrett had two miscarriages, one before and one after the birth of her four-year-old. Between the chances of her husband’s sterility and her miscarriages, Jarrett developed a heightened gratitude for her children.

“The significance of going through things like that and the difference that it makes when you are waiting for your child and waiting for motherhood and the value that it places when that miracle actually takes place is unlike anything you can imagine,” Jarrett said.

“The Longing” is available at Barnes & Noble, Amazon and other retail book outlets.