Salisbury holds meeting to find out best way to spend grant money

Published 12:05 am Sunday, April 23, 2023

SALISBURY — Every year, the city of Salisbury receives federal grant funds in order to provide decent housing, create a suitable living environment, expand economic opportunities and improve quality of life specifically for people of low or moderate income. Salisbury is one of the smallest entitlement communities in North Carolina that is eligible for an annual allocation from the federal government.

On Thursday night, the Community Planning Services Department held its annual community development public input meeting at the West End Business Center to hear from residents on what should be done with the money as part of the annual action plan. Over the next fiscal year, the city will receive approximately $481,000 in community development block grants and HOME program dollars from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

During the meeting, attendees were asked to fill out a worksheet to share what they think the money should be used for. The department gave out their potential plan where about half of the money would go towards owner occupied rehabilitation and new construction projects. At least $60,000 is required for planning and administration purposes.

“This funding is important, but it leverages other funding as well,” Community Planning Director Hannah Jacobson said.

Mostly city employees and community organization members attended the meeting with few citizens coming to give their opinions on the matter, which didn’t surprise Jacobson

“This is very common unfortunately. We don’t usually get a ton of traction on these meetings.”

Jacobson advises that the city has not had much feedback from the public outside of meetings and hearings. There is an online survey where people can still add their suggestions to the plan until May 5. The final draft annual action plan will then be presented to Salisbury City Council on May 16.

A draft action plan is available online at