New company chosen for Bell Tower Green flagpole

Published 12:00 am Sunday, April 23, 2023

SALISBURY — It may take a little bit longer than people are wanting, but Bell Tower Green will soon have its new flagpole after its previous supplier and the city of Salisbury agreed to a “mutual agreement” to part ways.

Due to “unforeseen circumstances,” All4One Flagpoles was no longer able to fulfill the order so a new order was placed on Monday with Carolina Flag and Pole. A representative for All4One Flagpoles was scheduled to come to Salisbury on Friday to refund the city’s deposit. Public Works Director Chris Tester confirmed the city will do its best to make sure there are no further delays.

“We’re in good communications with Carolina Flag. We’re working to get them the down payment on that as quick as possible…We’ll continue to follow up with them,” Tester said.

Tester says the delivery time is roughly two weeks, but the turnaround could be slightly longer because of the kind of pole that is needed for the park.

“It is a specialty finish that’s on the pole versus what you see on normal poles…They’re trying to match the other entities out there like light poles and the water wall building. Trying to conform with those same colors,” Tester said.

The fees from both companies are “pretty much exactly the same” according to Tester, except Carolina Flag and Pole does not install the flagpole like All4One Flagpoles would have, so the city will be responsible for the installation.

Once the flagpole is delivered to Public Works, they will schedule a time to install it. The plan is to have it completed before Memorial Day. After the flag is delivered and installed by the city, a private donor plans to reimburse the city for parts and labor.