DA: Authorities acted lawfully in Mahaffey fire shooting

Published 3:47 pm Friday, April 21, 2023

SALISBURY — After nearly five months, the Rowan County District Attorney’s Office concluded that authorities responding to a Mahaffey Drive fire acted in self defense when they shot and killed the resident.

On Dec. 2, Rowan County Emergency Services received a 911 call that the residence was on fire.

Fire personnel dispatched to the scene reportedly discovered the residence fully engulfed in flames and an individual, later identified as Ronald Wayne Green, sitting on the porch.

As fire personnel approached the back to render assistance, Green reportedly shot a fireman in the leg and face.

Once Green began shooting, an officer with the Granite Quarry-Faith Joint Police Authority and the Rowan County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to the scene. Once the officers arrived on the scene, they began shouting multiple verbal commands to Green to drop his firearm, but he did not comply.

Green reportedly shot an officer in the face and abdomen and a deputy in the hand. The office and deputy returned fire in the direction of Green. As deputies surround Green, who was underneath the back porch steps, they provide multiple commands to him to drop the firearm and to keep his hands visible. A deputy heard Green say, “I’ve got this gun,” and dropped his hands where they were no longer visible. At that time, deputies fired multiple shots at Green, who was hit and pronounced deceased at the scene.

“Based upon the investigation, all of the credible, available and believable evidence supports the conclusion that Green was armed with a 12-gauge shotgun and a revolver,” the conclusion read. “Upon the arrival of emergency personnel as a result of a fire at his residence, Green discharged his firearm, striking a firefighter in the leg and face. Once law enforcement arrived, officers gave Green several commands; however, Green continued to discharge his firearm and shot an officer and a deputy. As deputies continued engaging Green in numerous commands, he dropped his hands, and officers discharged their firearms to stop the threat before another person was shot.

“We have concluded that the evidence supports that the law enforcement officers acted lawfully and did not violate any criminal laws.”