Human resources director latest in Landis departures

Published 12:01 am Wednesday, April 19, 2023

LANDIS — Landis Human Resource Director Amber Levi is the latest to join a long string of department head departures to hit the town.

Levi’s last day will be Friday. She formally submitted a resignation notice to the town last month.

“The town has given me the opportunity to learn and grow my skill set in the HR field,” Levi said. “I am extremely grateful for the relationships I have made during my time with the town. Twelve years ago, I started on a journey to better myself as an individual. I began working towards my college degree and my dream of working in the HR industry.”

Levi indicated that she did not know then that her path would lead her into municipal work, adding that she is happy with how things turned out.

“Through working for Landis, I have found a passion for being a public servant,” Levi said.

Although she did not officially indicate where she was heading, Levi offered a clue, saying she had been offered a position as a human resources director with another municipality.

“The increase in responsibilities and compensation fulfills the goals I set for myself twelve years ago,” Levi said. “I look forward to watching how the town continues to grow and prosper in the coming years. I will be available to help however possible in the weeks following my departure. I take pride in the department I have built and hope that whoever comes next finds value and organization in my work.”

Friday will be Levi’s last day.

With her departure, Landis has now seen four department heads leave in the last six months, with the former directors of finance, public safety and town hall all leaving.