Decision on new generator for Landis put off until next meeting

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, April 19, 2023

LANDIS — A location for a proposed generator in Landis appears to need to be reconfigured and could cost the town more than $17,000 in additional dollars.

Initially, Landis officials decided to place the generator alongside Town Hall, but multiple issues have emerged since the plans were approved.

“We determined the proposed location for that generator would be in conflict with our cash box,” said Landis Interim Town Manager Phil Conrad.

The cash box is not the only conflict the generator’s proposed location presents. According to Mayor Meredith Smith, after a meeting with the public works director, it was determined that the location also presented a problem because it would be on top of an existing sewer line.

The new location will still be in the parking lot but in the northwest corner of the parking lot.

“We brought our architect back in,” Conrad said. “We feel like it would be an appropriate relocation. I would submit to you that it is a worthwhile cost.”

Aldermen Tony Corriher and Darrell Overcash both voted against the generator originally due to its price tag of $147,000. They were also against the updated cost to move it.

“I think it was a boondoggle from the beginning,” Corriher said. “I am not going to vote for it. It’s been wrong from the get-go.”

Previously, the decision to purchase the generator was a split vote that the mayor broke. Mayor Pro Tem Ashley Stewart, who voted to approve the generator’s purchase, was absent on Monday.

“You might as well table it till Ashley gets back so that you can vote to get it passed,” Overcash said.

The board decided to table the vote until the next meeting.