Letters to the editor: April 18

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, April 18, 2023

Time to examine your own heart and motives

As a white woman I have had the opportunity to be part of discussions with both Black and white participants.

The venue encouraged people to be totally honest in expressing their concerns in a safe environment.  It was a valuable experience for me as I became more aware that white people too often do not believe or take seriously the experiences that Black people have had and continue to have.

We often do not understand the circumstances of an incident that involves Black people and tend to downplay the issue because we have never been involved in similar circumstances.

This has been given a name.  White fragility refers to feelings of discomfort a white person feels when they are involved in discussions around racism, inequality and injustices that African Americans experience on a daily basis.  This will never be resolved until we are willing to engage in the difficult conversations and be willing to listen and learn instead of immediately reacting in denial and justification.

This will never be resolved until we realize that the feelings of Black people are just as important as our own feelings.  This will never be resolved until all the symbols of racism are removed from public display.  This will never be resolved until laws are enacted that address the injustices that target African Americans.

None of these things will occur until people are willing to examine their own hearts and motives and address their own fears and prejudices.  Understanding and change can take place if we make the effort to be kind and thoughtful and see people who are different from us through the eyes of God.

— Carol Pomeroy