Erwin Eggs-travaganza transforms cafeteria lobby

Published 12:00 am Thursday, April 13, 2023

Erwin Middle School’s student council hosted the Erwin Eggs-travaganza on April 6.

Several key details go into making this event a success. A few students, along with Mr. Mathis and Ms. Wise, stayed after school March 30 to transform the cafeteria lobby with a huge background wallpaper of flowers for the students and staff to be captured that something was going to happen. But when?

On April 5, when the students arrived, approximately 900 eggs were magically “dropped” out on the paper with the student’s and staff’s names on each egg. At lunch that day, there was plenty of hype as students asked, “Oh, there is your name!” “Where is my name?” “My name is not there.” “Where’s mine?” “I wonder if they are by grade levels. No, they are not. They are all mixed in.”

All kinds of commotion surrounded the pointing at the wall, but no touching was allowed and everyone had to  stay behind the rope to look.

On April 6, students and staff were busy during their lunch trying to find their eggs and turn them into some staff members who handed out prizes donated by the PTA.

A number on the egg that was randomly placed determined what bin the prize and everyone walked away smiling as a winner.

Since all students and staff members had an egg with their name on it, everyone was  able to enjoy a treat at the lunch tables and the celebration helped kick off Easter break.