Letters to the editor: April 9

Published 12:00 am Sunday, April 9, 2023

March Madness outfit made it easy to turn off

Over the last few days, the annual March Madness came to a close with the college basketball championship games.

The women’s title game was highly hyped. Unfortunately, with all the fake hair, false eyelashes and the god-awful cat suit worn by the LSU coach, the game quickly turned into a clown show.

With so many distractions turning the channel provided better viewing options.

— Floyd Prophet


Act of rebellion requires correction by law

By purposefully, unconstitutionally violating a personal fidelity oath of office by supportively affording assistance or incentive, as aid and comfort, to insurrection or riotous rebellion is a criminal offense of treason requiring the administration of prescribed, just and due legal process.

No other course of action is justly conceivable, nor societally efficacious, under a responsible common rule of law.

With resolute devotion, our body of law must necessarily embody and personify our sense of emerging common valued ancestry as one people of goodwill.

This is our only suitable definition applicable.

— Daniel Sherman McClerin