Salisbury Chief of Police hiring brochure is finalized, recruitment process has started

Published 12:05 am Friday, April 7, 2023

SALISBURY — On Wednesday, the final draft of the brochure for the Salisbury Chief of Police position officially went out.

City Manager Jim Greene advised that the brochure will be advertised with several associations so that the recruitment process can begin.

The brochure includes information about Salisbury like its amenities and its 200-year history. There is also background on the police department and details about programs like the Lotus Project and Salisbury Cease Fire that show how committed police are to being involved in the community.

Other sections outline what the city of Salisbury’s “ideal candidate” is. Salisbury is looking for an experienced, knowledgeable and committed officer that will have the vision to keep up with the “fast-growing, passionate community that supports the police department.” The department wants someone who can utilize technology and advanced scientific methods of crime solving, while being a collaborative team player with all the different kinds of groups and people who make up Salisbury. 

Candidates should have at least a bachelor’s degree and will be expected to live within Salisbury city limits. Out-of-state applicants will be need to meet the commissions requirement within one year of being hired. The salary range for the job is $89,473 to $143,157, depending on experience.

The closing date to apply is Wednesday, May 10.