Salisbury author gets another chance to write about his favorite band

Published 12:01 am Saturday, March 25, 2023

SALISBURY — Tyler Sehnal has wanted to write a book since high school. But unlike those who always say they will someday, he actually did it.

The 24-year-old Salisbury native is author of “Playing in the Rain: Lindsey Buckingham & Fleetwood Mac,” a book about the legendary musician and band.

Sehnal was introduced to Fleetwood Mac by one of his English teachers when he attended West Rowan High School. He quickly became a fan and would later write the first version of the book while he attended Guilford College in Greensboro.

Buckingham’s complex legacy within the band and music in general is what inspired Sehnal to write about him in the first place.

“There’s so many books about Stevie Nicks that are out…Nobody’s ever really writing about him specifically and his role in making them global superstars,” Sehnal said. “I feel like a lot of the success that they had as a band was because he joined them. He helped arrange, gave feedback, gave tips and spent hours upon hours working and reworking songs so they sounded perfect.”

The book was initially published back in 2019, but Sehnal was recently compelled to revisit it and work on the kind of draft that he felt he was capable of creating. The book was republished in February with new pages added, new endnotes and a more extensive bibliography. His wife helped edit and added new suggestions this time around.

“Any part that’s really, really good I feel like it’s because of her,” Sehnal said. “It was fun to go back and explore and provide further detail to it. Especially since there’s so many interviews and things that have come out since 2019 about them.”

“Playing in the Rain” refers to a Buckingham song from the 1980s, but it also acts as metaphor that helps explain how he and the rest of the band interacted with each other.

“I chose that song to be the title of the book because it’s a series of this very quiet build up and then it’s this really loud explosive chorus. It sort of sums up his relationship with Fleetwood Mac,” Sehnal said.

Sehnal is currently getting his doctorate in rhetoric and professional communications at New Mexico State University. After finishing school, Sehnal would like to move back to North Carolina where he could teach college full time.

Coming up, Sehnal has a book signing in New Mexico before he flies back to Salisbury in April for a book event at South Main Street Book Company. A few bookstores in Albuquerque have started carrying the book as well.

Sehnal wants to start another book about Fleetwood Mac in the 1990s before he begins his dissertation. “So many ideas and so little time,” he said.

Sehnal is happy that he got a chance to improve upon the book and hopes other Fleetwood Mac fans appreciate it as much as he does.

“I’m as proud of it as I wanted to be originally. I feel like I really put in the time this time around to making it the book that I always wanted it to be,” Sehnal said.