Duke Energy investigation of power line noise in north Salisbury neighborhood yields no answer

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Residents in a neighborhood in the northern part of Salisbury reported hearing unusual noises coming from their power lines for the past few months.

The neighborhood encompasses Scales, Miller, Henderlite, North Lee and Steele streets.

Last week, technicians with Duke Energy reportedly investigated the noisy nuisance but could not observe it themselves, leaving any possible cause undetermined.

A spokesperson for Duke Energy indicated in an email that their teams had been out in the area multiple times last week but did not hear a noise.

“They have canvassed a number of neighbors, including a few on Scales Street, who have heard either a woodpecker on a tree or light banging but aren’t complaining,” the email stated.

The spokesperson also indicated that they had a night technician who would monitor for any recurrence of the sound.