Remote-controlled cars take Lake Corriher Wilderness Park for a ride

Published 12:10 am Thursday, March 16, 2023

LANDIS — Engines revved throughout Lake Corriher Wilderness Park on Saturday, but these were not your average machines.

Remote-controlled (RC) crawlers climbed rock walls and took on the trails throughout the southern Rowan County park.

According to Jessica St. Martin, the Landis parks and recreation director, the event drew zealots of the niche hobby from more than three hours away, with many staying at the park overnight.

“This is a hobby that many people do on their own, but there are designated events that some people participate in,” St. Martin said.

St. Martin teamed up with a man from Denver named Josh Elliot, who represents TrailSeekers RC.

“(Elliot) helped put the activities together that day for the event,” St. Martin said. “He was able to put together a course in our rock quarry area to show people what it would be like in a real competition event. They could bring their cars and run them through a timed course. It gives people an idea of what an event would look like.”

Given the topography at Lake Corriher Wilderness Park, there was no shortage of opportunities to show off the remote-controlled cars.

“Our trails are great for this as well because of the various terrain types, roots, ruts, rocks and creeks,” St. Martin said.

The parks and rec director indicated that the number of visitors at the park for the event exceeded her expectations.

“We had a great turnout,” St. Martin said. “Everybody there was on Cloud 9. They absolutely loved it.”

St. Martin estimated that approximately 100 people attended the event, ranging from children up to senior citizens.

The event might have been a good time for those visiting, but it also helped to promote the park’s amenities and services.

“Once they got here, they were asking for more camping information,” St. Martin said. “We had all of our campsites booked that weekend for people coming to participate.”

Whenever Trailseekers RC hosts an event, they also coordinate with a local charity. For the Saturday event, they partnered with Toys for Tots.

“We collected several toys as well as monetary donations for Toys for Tots,” St. Martin said. “They wanted to make sure the toys stayed in the county, too, since the event was held here.”

Lake Corriher Wilderness Park is located at 955 Kimball Road in Landis.