Letters to the editor: March 16

Published 12:00 am Thursday, March 16, 2023

Supreme Court critics can’t have it both ways

The progressives/Democrats and most of the news media still haven’t gotten over the Republicans winning both Supreme Court races and all five Court of Appeals seats in the election held four months ago.  Republicans also had a 100 percent success rate in the 2020 judicial races.

I have a simple question for the Democrats and the media. Why, when the Supreme Court justices numbered four Democrats and three Republicans and voted 4-3 on major decisions, there was not a peep from the other side, including the media? Now when the Republicans hold a 5-2 majority vote that way, the Supreme Court is called the most partisan in our state’s history.  Just asking.

To make matters even more unfair, the Democrats rushed through at least two high profile issues, voter ID and redistricting, just days before the lame ducks left office…again on 4-3 votes. The procedure was legal, but certainly not typical in the way the courts normally operate.  Again, not a peep from the media.  Had the Republicans pulled this stunt, the media would still be salivating over the partisan moves!

The fact is the Republicans will have a majority on the Supreme Court until at least 2028 and hopefully will extend that majority to 6-1 next year with the promotion of Court of Appeals Judge Jefferson Griffin to the Supreme Court! No editorials or columns written by liberal professors will change that fact. The voters have spoken!

— Phil Kirk