Letters to the editor: March 12

Published 12:00 am Sunday, March 12, 2023

Congress needs to cut government spending

The tax value of the average home in Rowan County went up, according to the county, 54% over the last three years. This is a reflection of inflation over the last three years. My question to our citizens is this:  How many of you had a 54% increase in your wages or income over the last three years?  My next question is:  How much will the county and city decrease the tax rate this year?

I know it is a burden on many people to borrow money when the interest rates are going up. However, if the interest rates don’t go up, we are just asking for more inflation.

The more money our government spends, the more inflation we have.  Seems as if our government needs to slow down on its spending just as many of our citizens have been forced to cut their spending in order to survive inflation.

Basic economics says the more money our government spends, the more dollars our government prints, and the more inflation we will have.

I remember a student from Yale University saying many years ago:  “On the dollar bill it says:  in God we trust.” He then stated, “the dollar used to be backed by gold, later it was backed by silver.” He then replied, “I guess now, it is backed by God.”

Seems to me we need not blame God.  Our Congress needs to wake up and cut government spending.  Our government cannot continue to go in this direction.  We cannot continue to give hand-outs to our citizens; we need to give them hand ups. We also cannot be the rich Uncle Sam to the rest of the world and expect to control inflation.

Do I believe the government will do this?  No, I believe our government will continue to spend and increase the taxes of its citizens who work hard for a living.

— Gordon Correll


Be wary of potential sex traffickers

We need to have a talk about sex trafficking. As you already know, sex trafficking is illegal pickups of people from one country to another for the purpose of sexual exploration. Kidnapping is abducting someone and holding them captured.

These topics have two different meanings. They go together very well though. These topics are very hard to talk about and hear about. But we need to start being aware. So that we all can protect ourselves from these things happening. Kidnapping can lead to sex trafficking, and you could possibly be sold to someone or killed.

According to Google, around 64,851 go missing every month, and 2,130 go missing everyday. You have to be careful who you hang around. They might try to hurt you or they might not like you, and be planning something. You have to be careful in this world. It is not safe.

Social media is the problem. Apps can cause you to be sex trafficked. Most traffickers can use TikTok or any other social media app to find their targets. They’ll also use these apps to lure minors in to tell them personal information (addresses, etc) . Random TikTok names are like random letters and numbers. They’ll follow you to keep you a target. Keep young kids off social media like TikTok, Instagram, snapchat, Roblox — block them!

Many teens and adults have self defense keychains. They include pepper spray, alarms, tasers, window breakers, etc. It is always nice to be protected and careful. People who can’t afford self defense keychains need protection. To make pepper spray you will need 1 tablespoon of red chilis , 1 tablespoon of black pepper, 5 tablespoon of oil and a few drops of acetone.

Be careful and stay protected.

— Kymori Brown