Doug Creamer: Seeking peace

Published 12:00 am Saturday, March 11, 2023

By Doug Creamer

I think if we are honest we all can struggle at times to find and maintain peace. Beach lovers know it exists when you are down at the shore. Mountain lovers say it’s almost tangible in the mountains. Some swear that they find peace near streams, babbling brooks or waterfalls. I can find it sitting quietly on my front porch.

I think most of us have a place where we can go and find peace. I sometimes wonder if we believe that peace is tied to that location. Many men like fishing and hunting for the excitement the sport offers, but I believe that secretly they enjoy the peacefulness they experience in the waiting quietly part of their sport.

We all find peace in our own unique ways. The problem isn’t finding peace but rather maintaining our peace. My pastor has been teaching us that everything we need in this life is available to us from heaven. This is a very scriptural concept. He has also been trying to teach us that since it is available to us then we can make something like a withdrawal from heaven to meet our needs.

Let’s consider a practical application. I wanted to make a withdrawal of peace before going to Walmart this morning…a place where peace does not exist. Walking across the parking lot I could hear music blaring from speakers. I walked down an aisle only to discover a fellow in an electric cart going backwards beeping. There were people everywhere.

I went about my business. Somewhere halfway through my list I stopped to ponder my little experiment. In spite of all the noise and the many distractions I really could feel His peace. It was not like walking the beach, but deep inside there was this little bubble of peace.

Returning home I was really glad to sit peacefully on my front porch. Few things are more peaceful than eating my lunch on the front porch with a good book. I guess the result of my experiment was that peace is available to me even in Walmart.

Peace is not the absence of noise. I feel some of the strongest peace in my life while we are singing worship songs at church. There will always be some noise and sound around us that does not define peace in our lives. Peace is more the state of our hearts and minds.

What are some things that will push peace from us? Worry will crush peace every time. Being anxious about circumstances will steal your peace. Lack of sleep and rest will zap your peace. Distractions can move your focus from peace. Your emotions can betray your peace. The list of things that can pull or push us away from peace is long.

How do we maintain our peace in a chaotic world? First, we have to consider that losing our peace might be a signal that we have moved away from God. Second, we have to realize that it is almost impossible to have peace when tragedy strikes. That’s normal. Even though life pulls on us, there are things we can do to maintain our peace.

I believe that one thing we need to do is focus on the things that are good around us. I think it will actually increase our peace if we spend time each day thanking God for our many blessings. I know we all have problems and stress but if we can make our minds focus on the positive and give thanks for those things I believe our peace will grow stronger.

I believe that there are many things that can increase our peace. I am learning that regular exercise improves my peace. Spending time with friends increases our peace. Laughing at a comedian or a movie can do a lot to lighten your mood and give you peace. Needless to say, laying your burdens down in prayer and trusting the Lord to take care of them will increase your peace. Worshiping Him and listening to Christian music will lift your spirit and increase your peace. Sometimes just turning off your electronics can do the trick.

I believe that peace is available to us and that we miss it simply because we miss Him. I want to encourage you to reconnect with Jesus, the true Prince of Peace. Let His Spirit minister to your heart and mind. Let His love wash away the worries of this world. We really don’t need to go someplace to find our peace, we need to go to Someone. I bid each of you the peace of Christ.

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