Landis water tower to be cleaned next week

Published 12:06 am Friday, March 10, 2023

LANDIS — Beginning on Monday, the Landis water tower will undergo what’s called a washdown.

Landis Assistant Public Works Director Tristin Walter indicated that it is a normal routine that the town completes every two years. Throughout the project, the water tower will be out of service.

The process typically takes two days, during which time, water is supplied to the town through its pump system.

While the water is removed from the tower, a contracted company will go in and clean the tank. Once that step is completed, Walter said they will fill it back up and test the water to ensure it is safe to use before reactivating the water service.

The notice online indicated that there is a possibility some customers may experience fluctuations in water pressure. According to Walter, that is unlikely. However, if some experience those changes, they are encouraged to contact the town hall at 704-857-2411.