‘Treasures of the Past’ auction raises funds for NC Museum of Dolls, Toys & Miniatures

Published 12:00 am Sunday, March 5, 2023

SPENCER — North Carolina Museum of Dolls, Toys & Miniatures held its first live auction at the First Community Center on Fifth Street. Professional auctioneer Nancy Farley presided over the auction of over 250 lots.

Farley, who is originally from Maine but now lives in Cary, is a retired nurse and semi-retired licensed auctioneer. She has been a friend of the museum since it opened in 2012. Over the years Farley has sold over 40,000 dolls through her auctions.

“I am thrilled to have been a part of the North Carolina Museum of Dolls, Toys & Miniatures’ first live auction, which was a resounding success. The energy and enthusiasm from the buyers and museum members was contagious, and it was an honor to be the auctioneer for such a worthy cause,” she said in a news release.

Members from  as far away as Tennessee traveled to see the many treasures being offered. Donors contributed a range of unique and rare items, including dolls, toys, miniatures and other collectibles.

Items came from as far away as California and New York.

Debbie Ahlman, a close friend of Farley’s, made the trip from Raleigh to volunteer and attend the auction.  “Auction clerks are the unsung heroes of any auction. They may not be in the spotlight, but they play one of the most crucial roles in ensuring the smooth running of the event. Without them, an auction would simply not be possible,” Alhman said.

Volunteers helped with various tasks throughout the day. The Spencer Woman’s Club took on the role of kitchen management and sold sandwiches and drinks.

The “Treasures of the Past” event raised much-needed funds for the museum, which will help with the upcoming move to a new location.

For more information, visit ncmdtm.org or call 704-762-9359.