Letters to the editor: March 5

Published 12:00 am Sunday, March 5, 2023

Time to finish the work on election process

On Tuesday during comments (at the Feb. 21 City Council meeting), I brought up our election process. I am sure  everyone’s question is why? It’s not just to kick a hornets nest. Let me share a timeline to explain.

I originally took office in December of 2017. My involvement prior to being elected was extensive and involved at-least four years of attending almost every council meeting to learn, as well as serving on several boards.

A council-led community open committee was formed including Council Member (at the time Mayor Pro Tem) David Post and me (a freshman Council Member).  We proceeded with four community meetings during 2018. In 2019, a council meeting discussion occurred and only the mayoral election was discussed. While I believe changing our mayoral election had peculiar timing, I will move on as the process has changed.

The other topics were halted because and I quote, “too much too fast” in regards to change. As I watch the playback I allowed for voices in the room to derail the overall work. I am not that same community leader today. I am thankful to have a seat at the table and do my best to represent many voices across our city. It is incumbent on me to support and finish our community’s work.

In November 2019 a ballot measure passed for separate elections. Four months later we had a pandemic, therefore for over a year it wasn’t safe to reconvene public meetings. And then it was time for the 2021 elections. So as you can see, revisiting this work has had several obstacles. This is why I bring it up now. No one is in the middle of running for office right now and no one is saying we change now.

We all have worked for a company that asks for input along the way. Time and energy are spent but what doesn’t vary is the feeling when feedback or projects from that work never get developed or finished or even discussed again. Regardless of the outcome,change the election process or not, we need to visit this and see what Salisburians want.

We are not the same Salisbury we were in 1927 the first time there was a change, nor are we the same Salisbury as we were in 2019. Let’s finish the work.

— Tamara Sheffield

Sheffield is a member of the
Salisbury City Council.

Attack on DeSantis doesn’t hold up

It seems Alexander Jones, through his op-ed (Feb. 23), is attempting to do what other MSM woke jokes have tried — and failed — to do and smear Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

Two things right off: 1) the fact he had to reach way back and try making comparisons between DeSantis and Jesse Helms only confirms Mr. Jones is lacking clarity and substance in his attack. 2) his repeated use of the so-called “Don’t Say Gay” bill is pure fiction. The bill itself does not contain such verbiage, only in Mr. Jones’ head along with that ilk.

Gov. DeSantis can back up what he says and does. This is why folks are leaving in droves from dying blue states for the Sunshine State for its quality of life including freedom and liberties. Mr. Jones can only provide lip service in trying to justify his bull hockey.

— Floyd Prophet