Hive in downtown Salisbury offers a twist on the typical salon; grand opening event today

Published 12:01 am Saturday, March 4, 2023

SALISBURY —  Taking care of the environment can be difficult and many people may not know how to besides separating their recycling items. Luckily, local businesses have started being resourceful in trying to reduce their carbon footprint. Hive, located in downtown Salisbury, is doing this in a way that helps make their customers look fantastic, too.

The boutique has works from more than 130 artists across North Carolina on display and for sale. These include candles, paintings, teas, lotions, soaps, jewelry and ceramics.

“I don’t know what I want until I see it,” Hive owner Michelle Pentoney said.

She has met artists over the years to the point where she can be “cautious and picky” about the pieces that she accepts.

“A lot of them have been with me since the beginning. I’ve had people six or seven years so there now friends. I know their name, I know their face … I take more pride in knowing the person that makes it and trusting that person that makes it,” Pentoney said.

Starting in February, Pentoney has begun operating an eco-friendly salon in the back of the store. Along with co-worker and friend Vanessa Jones, Pentoney came up with the idea last April when they were looking for a way to stand out.

“We are a certified GreenCircle salon. That means we recycle 95% of our beauty waste. So we recycle used foils, extra color, hair and we recycle with the city of Salisbury all of our plastics and all the other things that can’t be recycled through GreenCircle,” Pentoney said.

The salon is smaller than a typical one, with only a few chairs available. Jones, who works as a stylist, appreciates the size of the salon and the collaboration that comes as  a part of a place where artists can freely express themselves.

“It’s a more one-on-one experience for your clients rather than a hustle and bustle like a super busy place. They get flustered, anxious, just overwhelmed being in a huge place,” Jones said. “This is definitely an industry where everyone’s to themselves. But it’s creative. Being able to bounce off each other, but also being around other artists and it’s not just hair.”

Hive sells homemade all purpose cleaners, laundries, soaps and toilet bombs that line up with the eco-friendly message. “It’s better alternatives to cleaning products because they’re all natural. I do refills on all that.”

In college, Pentoney worked as a receptionist in a salon and majored in interior design where she had to do a similar idea of her business for a class.

“My final project was turning a historic building into a spa/salon. It just happened again that this is what I’m doing,” Pentoney said.

Hive is holding a grand opening celebration today, March 4, for the salon and will offer food, drinks and giveaways. Since the salon opened recently, Pentoney is looking forward to having people show up and see the new business layout and spread the word about all the new things Hive has to offer.

“I’m hopeful that with having the clientele the salon brings in, those people will then tell their friends.”

Hive is located at 126 East Innes St.