Letters to the editor: March 2

Published 12:00 am Thursday, March 2, 2023

Soccer should be shown on local TV channels

Alas! It’s Saturday night, Feb. 25, we’ve eaten dinner and we’re dressed in our Charlotte Football Club T-shirts and ready to sit down and enjoy a game of European football.

We begin to search the channels for where the game is shown. Last season it was one of two local channels. We finally find out where it is being shown — Apple TV — we wonder how much Tepper Entertainment is being paid for that!

As s senior citizen who is on a fixed income, we will not pay for another station that holds only one program of which we have an interest. As much as we’re a family with great football fans, Tepper Entertainment has taken away the option to cheer on the local team.

We have watched football in the Pasadena Rose Bowl, the Los Angeles Coliseum, Charleston, Tampa and Mexico. However, our days of watching football in Charlotte are over.

— Sheila Taylor



Look closely at candidates

As the race for our next governor begins, I hope that every voter will examine the credentials of each candidate. Whether a candidate is a native-born Tar Heel matters not, but how he or she views our state and the plans he or she has for it are of utmost importance.

Also, where a candidate attended college is immaterial. Colleges and universities such as Yale, Harvard, Stanford and others like them have produced Sens. Cruz and Hawley, Gov. DeSantis and many Supreme Court Justices such as Judges Thomas and Kavanaugh.

If these so called “woke” (a trite word) institutions indoctrinate their students, then let’s begin by removing the above-named politicians and judges.

— Roger Barbee