Local non-profit looking to expand in Kannapolis

Published 12:07 am Tuesday, February 28, 2023

KANNAPOLIS — Members of the Charlotte non-profit organization Camino gave a presentation to the Kannapolis City Council on Monday night to highlight that they will be branching out to offer more resources to local residents.

Camino is a health center that provides holistic care for underrepresented demographics, with an emphasis on the Latino population. They  currently have a property located at 729 South Main Street in Kannapolis that will act as the new setting for their endeavors.

“It’s a bigger footprint, it’s better for us, it’s closer to downtown Kannapolis, and it gives us the opportunity to expand all of our services which is the Arriba program, our university program, and basically whatever the community’s telling us what they needs are through our needs assessment and strengths assessment,” Chief Public Affairs Officer Tim Hegler said.

Camino currently has a contractor looking at their property on South Main. It has an office building in the front and a warehouse in the back. Members of Camino intend to brainstorm to figure out the most effective uses for that location and its clients.

Camino’s attention will be on the front office where most of their services will take place.

“We focus on education, employment, and also entrepreneurship. We’re doing many classes to do ESL classes, entrepreneur-type classes, tax preparation, how to do banking, those kind of things,” Hegler said.

Hegler says he is excited to be working with the city of Kannapolis so that a collaboration can take place to find out the best ways to utilize the 14,000-square-foot warehouse.

“It would require some upfit, but we’d be open to anything,” Hegler said.